Monday, November 8, 2010

Back to the Basics

Dear 200:

I'm coming home.  Life seems to have loosened up its hold--for now at least--and I think I may have the space to spend some quality time with you again.

I decided to start writing again for a couple of reasons.  I missed writing birthday letters to my kids, and on the few times I looked you up to reference some bit of information, I realized that I'm not documenting such important milestones and kid gems as No Flying In Your Underwear and Those Little Green Guys Are at it Again.

I can't promise I'll be entertaining, prolific, or even remotely interesting.  Heck, I don't even know what I want to write about. Husband surely gives me plenty of good material, but he's generally off limits due to matters of marital privacy and such.  I recently threatened Sassy Daughter that I was going to blog about her if she didn't get a new attitude.  I have a feeling she may give me plenty of things to contemplate online as she enters her teen years in just a couple months.  My boys constantly bring funnies to my days, so please just let me humor myself by writing about them.  The gardens and chickens...I actually have a chicken story in the queue.  Then there's just the general life activities that start or fill up conversations:  books, movies, food, projects, cleaning supplies, good deals, and so on.  

It already feels pretty good to be back.  




  1. Welcome Back (Herzlich Willkommen)! I'm so pleased to see you blogging again...

  2. Glad your back. We always had our own chickens to eat on the farm believe it or not I have picked feathersw and gutted a few..