Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Those Little Green Guys Are At It Again

In honor of St. Patrick, I put green food coloring into our toilets today. When Max went in to use the bathroom, he called me in to investigate the aberration.

“Mom, you need to see this.”

"Oh, it's just those naughty leprechauns," I told him.

He moved close to me and looked up with a concerned look on his little face.

"Go ahead, you can still use it." He did, but not with certainty.

Then he suggested that we check the leprechaun trap that he and his older sister had set in our guest bedroom.

"Mom, I think you should come with me, and you check it."

"Are they big or little?" I asked.

"They're little," he whispered.

The coast was clear.

"OK. Now we need to check the refrigerator," he said.

"Why the refrigerator?"

"Mom, they turn your milk and eggs green!"

That coast was clear too.

So no sightings or captures so far. Wonder if he be able to get to sleep by himself tonight!

(only 167 words. Damn.)


  1. I love it! Max will will always remember his mama for this one -- what a conniving (sp.) thing to do! What will you think of next?

    Years ago, when my kids were little (Wolf was 31/2 or 4), I was cooking dinner on Halloween night, and since I had used the black cast-iron Dutch Oven, I got this idea and non-chalantly put on a cape and witches hat before bringing the stew to the dinner table, and served it up "in costume" -- and I did not realize that my little boy was absolutely CONVINCED I had turned into a witch! LOL

  2. I suck. I didn't even know it was St. P's. Green toilet water is a good one!