Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who Said That?

"Autumn...I think it's the most contemplative of seasons."
(Five points to anyone who gets this reference!)
We're having one of those beautiful, classic, colorful autumn days in Vermont. I was riding in the car today, letting the sun fall on my face, and I fell into one of those perfect moments of peace. All photos for 2009 calendars will surely be taken today. Time to get out the Spice candles and put away the Fresh Breeze.
Also time to get out the Halloween decorations -- a favorite day for my young ones. I also love this holiday the most. For Halloween this year, Max will be a clone trooper; Mia, a magician; and Will, Frankenstein. Tom will load the pickup truck with hay bales, decorate it with twinkly lights, and drive a group of trick or treaters around the neighborhood. A family custom that the kids are already making plans for.

"If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood...Who ya gonna call?"
(Four points for this one...)
We'll likely to choose pumpkins tomorrow, and maybe pick apples. I still need to clean a few things out of the vegetable garden and many things out of my perennial beds. The list of fall chores and traditions is long, but the time in which to do them is too short. It'll be only a few weeks until the…
"the witch of November come stealing."
While I’m not really anticipating the coming months, I do often enjoy the quiet of the winter and the inward focus it brings about. Time to knit!
“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep…”
What was your score?
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  1. 5. Micheal Scott
    4. Ghostbuster
    3. Gordon Lightfoot
    2. Frost

  2. Hi Mr. TW This is your sister's co worker, and I'll bet 15 points to your 14 that your answers came via google :)