Monday, September 29, 2008

On the Road Again

I arrived in San Francisco today. While I don't really enjoy business travel, at least I feel some comfort in the familiarity of the place. Land of designer stuff, where few people wear sneakers. (This is only an observation, not a judgment.)

I stay with my friend Romy when I'm here. Her hospitality and company is really what makes the travel bearable. I tried a real hotel a couple times, but it was lonely. She and I visited the Berkeley Bowl (an old haunt) for some groceries this evening. Oh, the shelves of olive oil, cheese, yogurt, and produce. So many choices. The olive bar was singular.

At home, the kids are excited to go grocery shopping with Dad while I'm gone. The last time I left, "he bought us Devil Dogs and gum!" His explanation: "It's hard taking all three of them to the grocery store."

The instruction list I left with them:

  • Water the lettuce in the greenhouse.
  • Make sure the hens have food and water.
  • Remember to take showers.
  • Read.
My guess is that they'll check on the hens, but the lettuce, showers, and reading will all be packed into Friday night, before I come home on Saturday.

So tonight, Romy and I will drink tea and catch up on Mad Men. Then I get to retire under one of Helen Harness's (Romy's mom) beautiful quilts, which the cats will jump on every time I move my feet when I'm sleeping. Home sweet away from home.

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  1. They all took showers last night. You're links to other sites are broken. Might want to check into that.