Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Walk With Mike: Week 2

Tues Jan 8:  I tried to walk up to my favorite knoll this morning, but the trail was covered with blowing, drifting snow.  So I turned around and hiked at Mud Pond. 

Wed Jan 9:  Simple walk around neighborhood loop with Tom and dogs. 

Thurs Jan 10: A quick 20-minute walk up the street and back with Tom, Max, and dogs.  (Mia's birthday cake was in the oven, so we had to cut things short.)  The most magnificent thing about this walk was having it with a little guy who bounced, skipped, or ran the whole time.  Guess he had a little excess energy after a day at school.  

Fri Jan 11: Snowshoe at Sleepy Hollow while waiting for Mia at Nordic practice.  Quiet out there in the woods. 

Sat Jan 12:  Walk around neighborhood with Tom and dogs.

Sun Jan 13:  Walked Williston rec path with friend Liz and dogs on leash.  Snow is melting--January thaw--so woods are slushy and muddy.

Mon Jan 14: Walked Williston rec path while boys were at piano.  It was dark and lonely back there, and I wasn't very comfortable being alone.  So I stayed close to the school.  Not a rewarding walk.

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