Thursday, January 3, 2013

Walk With Mike: Week 1

The other night, Husband told me about Michael Moore's walking streak:  30 minutes every day for something like 42 weeks now.  (His motivation:  I typically walk three or four times a week anyway, so why not "step it up?"  So I joined the New Year's resolvers and started Walking With Mike on January 1.  I aim to keep a weekly log to help pull me along (meant more for me than for you, dear reader, but you are certainly welcome to read along--or better yet, walk along too). 

Tues, Jan 1The notable thing about today's walk:  It's my first official Walk With Mike on the first official day of the first month of a new year.  Tom and the dogs joined me around the neighborhood loop.  

Wed, Jan 2:  Tom and the dogs joined me again for the neighborhood loop.  I think the temp was around 10 degrees, but we still heard chickadees.  Started out quite chilly, yet I had unwrapped my scarf and unzipped my neck by time we finished. 

Thurs, Jan 3:  Today's walk was a Nordic ski.  Only 5 degrees out, but I stayed pretty warm.  I'm not a very skilled xc skier, but I do like being out on the trails in the woods by myself.  

Fri, Jan 4:  Walked with Tom and dogs at mud pond.  Windy, so the trees were noisy--creaking, squeaking, whistling, and dropping rather largish branches.  Running through the woods is surely the happy place of both dogs. 

Sat, Jan 5:  Walked with Tom and dogs at Lake Iroquois trails.  I wish I would've worn snowshoes.  

Sun, Jan 6:  Another ski day.  Downhill, with the whole family. 

Mon, Jan 7:  Afternoon walk around neighborhood with friend and neighbor Ivy (and dogs).  Time goes by quickly with Ivy, as she is a good conversationalist. 

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