Monday, January 31, 2011

Unleashed Emotions

After a particularly difficult evening with a bad-tempered Daughter (tired after a sleepover), Husband read this passage in Keith Richard's autobiography Life.  It made us laugh.  

"The power of the teenage females of thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, when they're in a gang, has never left me.  They nearly killed me.  I was never more in fear for my life that I was from teenage girls.  The ones that choked me, tore me to shreds, if you got caught in a frenzied crowd of them--it's hard to express how frightening they could be.  You'd rather be in a trench fighting the enemy than to be faced with this unstoppable, killer wave of lust and desire, or whatever it is--it's unknown even to them.  The cops are running away, and you're faced with this savagery of unleashed emotions." 

On so many levels, ain't that the truth. 

Sleepovers should be banished.  

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