Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wild Pitch

After a late finish to a baseball game tonight, Will came home and went straight to his bedroom for PJs. I was in there already with Max, and with only one look at Will's face...

"What's wrong?"

He burst into big tears. "I was pitching tonight, and one of the other kids starting laughing at me....I pitched to two people didn't throw any strikes."

It was his pitching debut, and he took himself out of the game. I have a feeling he won't step up to the mound again. All because of an insecure little wiseass kid bully who needs to be hit by a good, hard wild pitch. Shit like this breaks my heart and does not take me to a place of compassion for those who need a solid infrastructure and positive role models.

I offered up the wisest things I could think of (when really I wanted to unleash some f-words): that kid's just plain mean, and mean people suck; that maybe Will's naturally a first baseman and not a pitcher; that pitching takes a lot of practice. Then Husband (who had no idea Will was upset during the game) pointed out that in the post-game relay race, the kid fell on his face and started crying because he lost the race for his team. That gave us a whole new line of karma material to work with.

I have half a mind to complain to the kid's coach about his player’s bad sportsmanship, but I won’t be a whiny, overbearing, overprotective parent.

The only thing I can do that makes any sense is to offer Will a place of safety, support, and encouragement where he's the greatest oldest son on the planet and can burst into tears and let it all hang out and still feel worthy when he experiences the injustices of being a kid. Still feel worthy. That's what I want most for my boy.

Tonight, I think we helped repair his hurt feelings with a warm shower and some apple strudel toast. Because I think the feelings may have been under some stress from being tired and hungry. Tomorrow, maybe we'll practice throwing wild pitches. (Kidding...mostly.)
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  1. I totally hear you and I think you provided the right sense of family security after the incident - but there was an interesting article in Der Spiegel about the possible negative effects of everyone being too fake nice and polite during a sporting event, i.e., letting everyone play, never yelling at or making fun of anyone, etc. Family should definitely be Support HQ, but some tension between kids at a sporting event may be healthy in the long run.

  2. Its amazing the amount of rage you can feel for a child that hurts your child! A child on the other softball team on Tues night commented loudly to her teammate that our team "sucked." My husband was beside himself with righteousness when our daughter's team won. It seems to affect him alot more than our kid!

  3. Boy this brought back memories, but we went through this ninth grade level when Brian was told by his basketball coach I will put you in but you will proabaly loose the game. That did it for sports, he never went out for basketball again.