Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weighed Down

The Heavy

What happened to the purple finches that were building next under our second-story deck? Did the cat get them, as I figured she would?

If I were to raise pigs, would I be able to butcher them? Would I want that much pork in my freezer? Or should I just give up eating meat altogether because I don't really ever prefer it. Except for a Saturday lunchtime burger at Al's Frys.

When I eat a salad for dinner -- and relatively reasonable meals the rest of the day -- why do I weigh more the next day? (Maybe those Saturdays at Al's?) Do I really need to start running? Because I don't like to run.

I took the day off yesterday to work exclusively in my garden. I still snuck in every now and then to check email. Pathetic, really. This laptop needs to be put away where I can't see it sometimes. It's the devil.

I gave $50 to VPIRG (Vermont Public Interest Research Group) yesterday to support legislation for wind and solar energy projects instead of our aging and outdated nuclear energy plant that is falling apart. The nice kid at the door worked hard for the money. Husband made some unwelcome comment about the generousness of my generosity.

Time for summer vacation. Mia and her friends are ready to eat each other, and Will forgets everything at this time of the year.

The Light

Max thinks his bus driver's name is Puddin' Taine. And I can't convince him otherwise.

If I really think about it, this one Light weighs more than all the heavies combined. I love knowing a Kindergartner.

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  1. Good for you! I approve of generous donations to get us off dirty coal and unstable, leaky nuclear power. Did you know in Japan where they use a lot of nuclear power they've had more than 40 leakages from outdated facilities? Mostly into the ocean, of course.