Monday, April 20, 2009

Wrgking on a Laptop

In Kindergarten last week, Max made a timeline drawing. It started with Me [Max] as a Baby: "My mom yos to care me," he wrote and drew. ("My mom used to carry me.").

Me Now: "I play vieo gams." ("I play video games.") Hmmm...not sure I'm especially proud of this self-assessment. But he is quite skilled at them.

Me as an Adult: "I am going to wrgk on my lap top." (That's "work" there in the middle.)

So he's going to wrgk on a laptop -- just like Husband and I do each day. (We both wrgk from home. On laptops.) Perhaps I should be honored, as goes the cliche about copying and flattery. But I'm really feeling sorry for the poor kid and his professional fantasy; I sure wouldn't want him to have my job. Even though I value my professional good fortune every day, we always want more for them, don't we? So let's consider these other options, Max: pediatric surgeon, Wimbledon champion, entrepreneur, community organizer, international agent of saving the world, teacher.

I should've been a better role model. Like Wimbledon champ. Except that I don't play much tennis. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

On the other hand, maybe he will wrgk on a laptop -- creating valuable models of tides that save an ocean species from extinction by global warming; supporting the government in solving country-threatening ego maniacal crime (like Jack Bauer's Cloe on "24"); discovering in computer-generated DNA models a cure for the common cold; animating Disney-Pixar films.

That said, if you notice his "Me Now" entry, I have a feeling Max just wants that laptop so he doesn't have to bargain with his siblings for his turn to play Wizards 101 online on our family computer.

I wonder what I would've written in Kindergarten? It's pretty intriguing to think that it would not have had anything to do with a computer, given that they were hidden away in faraway research facilities like Bell Labs way back then. And now, it's highly likely an average Kindergartner won't grow up without one.

Whatever he ends up doing, I just hope he's strong, calm, kind, humble, and capable. These things shouldn't require a laptop, but it seems somehow likely that they will in his day and age.

Thinking of all the change from then until now, then from now until later bewilders my aging mind. So let's just bring it back around to the here and now. My wrgk is calling on my laptop, and Max is happily playing Wizards 101. Alt Shift Peace.

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  1. I'm way calmer and more capable in writing so maybe laptop's the way to go. ;-) And you're the public voice of a man who has created a financial stronghold for thousands of families over the last decade or so while also raising a family. Nothing wrong with aspiring to that!