Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Wild Out There

OMG. I can't keep up with the blogsphere. Even if you just peek a little under the blog covers, you'll see that it's mania out there. It goes like this: You read a blog you like. Then you read a blog or two that they like. And you realize your own blog is so far from original. And that there are maybe hundreds of clever blogs out there that you should read daily. But you have, a job, kids, significant other, pets, yard, dentist appointments, socks to knit, birthday parties, meals to deliver, and so on.

Then you see that bloggers give each other awards, they have contests and memes and long lists of followers and comments. They link to each other's blogs to keep the web spinning. Some take donations, some host meet-and-greets. It's mind boggling. I wonder if anyone has started a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon of blogs to how deep this all really is.

Personally, this begs the question: How far do you want to go with this, Patty? How much are you willing to let this into your life?

Clearly, with two blogs, I'm a willing and eager participant. I appreciate followers and comments (and emails from those who don't comment), and Naturelady even gave me an "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade" award:

(Thank you!)

But at the end of the day, I remind myself of my initial reasons for writing: to stay connected to faraway family and friends, myself, and my place. I really can't put the time into becoming a blog celebrity, omniscient commenter, meme breeder, or clever designer. Plus, if you read my therapy blog last month, you know that I'm all about keepin' it calm. So on those days, I'm not even interesting.

So I'm just going to stay nice and peaceful over here in my two tiny blog hideouts and continue to unload my mind when it fills up and hope that you, reader, find some enjoyment or connection in my musings. Whew. Glad I got that cleared up.

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  1. You are a wise woman. I do like your attitude, and think I will probably end up dealing with future meme and award similarly -- Life's too short to let blogging cause you stress. Therefore I applaud this post, even though I'm the one who did give you the lemonade award(it was my first ever, and I did enjoy passing it on).
    But really, blogging memes and awards are a bit like Ponzi schemes, and it's perfectly fine to "just say no".

  2. I like that Ponzi scheme analogy...

  3. You arrived at a very wise place in your thoughts about blogging, in my humble opinion. Also in my opinion, unless you're going to try to make money *with* the blog (advertising, endorsement deals) or *by* the blog (marketing a company or endeavor) then who needs the added work and accompanying stress of blog memes and awards?