Friday, December 12, 2008

Blame It On a Full Moon

December 12th -- a gorgeous full moon in the sky tonight. The kind that makes you want to do something in the dark.

So my two older kids go to bed tonight giggling uncontrollably because their dad tells them that he's giving them a "swift kick in the ass" for Christmas. They think this is the funniest thing they've ever heard, and they tell him the same. Then they brush their teeth, and I lie down with Sweet Mia (like I usually do), and Darling Will comes in and tries to crawl in Mia's bed with us. Mia says, "Get out of here Will, or I'm going to kick your ass." Then they both start laughing like there's no tomorrow. And I do too because it's fun to cuss. And now they know it too.

So I'm downstairs blogging, and I suspect they're upstairs still laughing in their pillows.

All under the Moonlight in Vermont.

(From Wikipedia: "Moonlight in Vermont" is a popular song about the U.S. state of Vermont.
It was written by John Blackburn and Karl Suessdorf and published in 1943. The lyrics are very unusual for an American pop song of the 1940s, because they do not rhyme and are impersonal, focusing mostly on the sensory appeal of the Vermont countryside while alluding briefly to romance. The lyrics are also metrically subtle: Each verse (not counting the bridge) is a haiku.)

(231 words, thanks to Wikipedia.)

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