Sunday, November 8, 2009

Secret Money

BACKGROUND: At the bank last week, an account manager looked up my accounts online and made reference to three: two checking and a savings.

"Two checking?" I inquired. "Hmmm. Are you sure? Is there money in it? Is it active?" Several other vague thoughts [concerning Husband] went through my mind.

"Yeah, it's active," he said. "And you're listed as the main account owner."

Probing further, we discovered that the account was for our family camp. All legitimate. Silly me to have doubted Husband like that.

Later, I tell Husband this story, and this is what he says:

"Honey, if I were going to have another account, it wouldn't be in the same bank that you use."

Honey, schmoney. Has he actually thought about this????

LAST NIGHT: I tell this same story to some dinner guests, Greg and Tara, and Tara tells me that a similar subject came up in her workplace recently, and one of her co-workers said something to this effect:

"All guys have secret money."

Is this true? In banks? Do they ever actually use it?

I am keenly interested to know if this is a common, unwritten practice. So fess up, men. Anonymously, if you must.

Then I'm going to ruminate on whether I need some secret money too. In a third bank that's different than our family bank and the one where Husband hides his. So don't tell him.

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  1. I'm the one with secret money in our house. Ralf's poor as a churchmouse.