Friday, February 20, 2009

What Would You Say?

Honeypiehorse as sent me some interview questions for The Interview Meme. She's a prolific blogger and a smart, curious person. (I fondly use "curious" in all its meanings here.) I agreed to keep the interview chain going because I enjoyed the peek into her persona, and I wanted to peek at my own too.

If you would like to be interviewed (by me), here are the rules:
1. Leave me a comment, and I will send you some questions.
2. Update your blog with the answers to the questions and link back to this post.
3. Include the rules in your post.

If you're not a blogger, let's do it through email or Facebook just for fun...

Honeypie's questions and my answers:

1. Without mentioning names, describe someone who annoys you and someone you like a lot.
There is a locally-owned candy store in my town, and every time I go in there, the lady who works there calls me “m’lady”. “Can I help you, m’lady?” “Thank you, m’lady”. I’m sure she’s a very nice person, but I find this annoying.

I really like all of my kids’ teachers. When I see what they accomplish and manage on any given day, I’m awed -- and a little envious that I’m not giving my time to kids like that. We’ve been lucky to have great teachers from the start of our school days for all our kids.

Interestingly, I know one person who easily fits into both categories: Husband. (And I admit this fondly too.)

2. If your husband asked your best friend what the perfect gift for you would be, what would you want her to say?
A family vacation to a place with all-inclusive meals (i.e. buffets) and a beautiful beach where we could hike, explore, snorkel, and read our days away.

3. If someone visited your blog only one time, which posting would you want them to read and why?
Antisocial Networking. Because social networking is a new norm in our society – it has even moved into my generation in a big way recently – and the rules for online relationships aren’t written. Or even unwritten. So thinking about how Facebook – and blogging – affects our relationships, work, and personal growth is very interesting to me. I honestly believe the online exposure/access has enhanced my life in many ways. I was a late adopter, a disbeliever. I had lost touch with many people, and I thought I preferred that. But now that I’m back in circulation, I’m enjoying the experience tremendously.

4. Describe two vivid childhood memories, one good and one bad.
Good: My grandparents owned an apple orchard, and when I was around 5 or 6 or so, they let me sell pumpkins from their garden at the barn. I don’t vividly remember hawking the pumpkins, but I do remember happily having a fat handful of coins that I had earned. If my memory serves me, I was very fond of being at the farm. My cousins lived right next door, and we walked down a lane among the apple trees to visit them.

Bad: When I was in 4th grade, a 5th-grade boy that I had a crush on was murdered while fishing with his cousin. The town named a baseball field after him. The memories are still shocking and sickening.

5. What is your favorite smell?
Spring. Fresh, new, different than winter.

6. If you had absolute power for a day, what would you do?
I can’t decide between education or world hunger. So let’s combine the two in a sort of “teach a man to fish” scenario…

I’d provide all the tools, technology, information, and land necessary for people anywhere to run small, sustainable farms so they could properly feed themselves and each other. No person should ever die of hunger. Problem is, how would I control the weather so crops would grow? Can I have another day for that one?


  1. I'm annoyed just hearing about someone calling anyone m'lady. Oh and I already the Antisocial Networking post but maybe include a link in case someone wants to check it out. I love the smell of Fall. . . spring's kind of the hussy of the seasons. ;-) Nice post.

  2. Came over to read the interview.
    My kids have a male teacher that is about 20 years younger than me. He calls me Ma'am. All the time. Drives me insane.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your answers to Honeypiehorses questions! I also enjoyed discovering the the name of your blog - a fabulous concept! I hope to return and read 200 more!

  4. I'm so glad to discover your blog (came over from Honeypiehorse), and I'm definitely adding you to my blogroll! Your "curve ball" post is excellent -- I can totally relate, and admire your honesty. Then there's your review of reading "The Giver", which we also read as a family -- such a thought-provoking book -- we had great discussions with our tweens. We bought "The Messenger" but haven't read it yet...
    Anyway, nice to e-meet you!

  5. Thanks for checking in, honeypie fans! Nice to e-meet you.