Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Presidential Hopes

Aside from the obvious big stuff -- including but not limited to world peace -- I have a few modest hopes for my dearly beloved new Mr. President...

First on the list: Please let him have his Blackberry. In the paper two days ago, I read that it hasn't been decided whether he could use it. Do we need to remind someone that he's The President?

Sidebar: In an editorial on NPR about his refusal to give up his Blackberry, the radio voice tongue-in-cheekingly suggested that he sign up for some endorsement contracts to help pay down the national debt. Aside from the distraction this might offer up to his day job, what a concept! Think of the millions he could pull from some deep-pocket corporations to help pay for other corporations' blunders. The Tiger Woods of politics.

Next, in another news story, I saw that he ate lunch the other day at some chili dog joint in D.C. -- with the other chili-dog eaters of America. I hope he eats lunch wherever he pleases -- especially at places perceived as "joints". We ate at a good Mexican place on 2nd Street last year. I hope someone tells him about that joint.

I also hope to see him drive himself somewhere. Don't you think your driving skills might suffer after four years (hopefully eight) of having other people drive you around? He'll need the practice.

A few more presidential suggestions:

He goes to a movie if he wants to.
He gets to play basketball with his peeps.
He wears jeans.
A visit to his daughters' classroom on Parents' Day.
Cereal for breakfast.
A White Sox game.
He doesn't feel compelled to dress in local costume when he visits other countries.
He continues to inspire Bruce Springsteen.
A cold beer after a long day.
He hooks up with Prince Charles and talks sustainability.
A visit to Vermont -- the only state former President Bush shunned.

All in all, the journey ahead is so ginormous, so incredibly deep, that I hope he takes time be a dad, a husband, a friend, and a neighbor in addition to the most influential and powerful man in the world. No biggie.

Interestingly, I have great confidence that Michelle will pull off the balance thing beautifully, especially with her mom helping behind the scenes. My hopes for her are that she does something more than read books to schoolchildren. How 'bout becoming the Princess Diana of America? The ambassador for all things charitable? Please, Michelle, lay it out big for all us girls.
Come on up for the rising.
Come on up, lay your hands in mine.
Come on up for the rising.
Come on up for the rising tonight.
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  1. Lovely. I think he should get an iPhone, though. I'm totally jealous of Ralf's.